Still Grateful

The results are out! I did not win the DCF photo contest but I am happy that friends made an effort to vote for me. Thank you to all who voted!


Source: via kat on Pinterest


Maybe there is another wonderful thing planned for me. Who knows?


Actually, I already got a sweet reply for sending that entry. I got an email from Lori!  I;m blushing! (Fan girl mode!)

I still have a long way to fulfill that dream. For now, let me eat cookies. 😀

Want the recipe? Just put marshmallows on a cookie and bake it until the marshmallow expands. Then remove the cookie from the oven and put another cookie on top. Cookie S’mores!

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  1. thanks for the recipe.. will try that Cookie S’mores!

  2. There is always a next time. Try and try until you succeed!

  3. I agree to Dalai Lama, there’s always next time. God bless then… 🙂

  4. The Cokie S’mores are really great for kids. I will try this one too.
    -visit from BCB (9/24)

  5. awww,,, its ok… indeed things happen for a reason… 🙂

    i like your s’mores! hehehe will try it! my boy’s becoming a marshmallow lover na! 😀

  6. Looks yummy naman. 🙂 Nice quotes.

  7. better luck next time sis. I know God has its purpose why you didn’t win, visiting from ComEx Sept 25

  8. That’s a right attitude.. to always be grateful! 🙂 Keep on trying dear! 😉

  9. There is always next time! The cookies look good. Susubukan ko gawin!

  10. awww…sad naman ako, anyways you can still try
    yum, yum yum for the cookies and cake, sarap!

  11. The cookie is a sinful delight! Hahaha.. I still have to lose a little more pounds and I realized that it is more difficult when there is very little to shed. I’m not giving up though. Ah maybe i can have a bite to taste how good that is 😛

  12. Keep joining..someday you’ll get the price. 🙂 This simple treat is a must-try.

  13. I’m so thankful as well with all the trials that my family are upto. We’re blessed to have the chance to sacrifice while we’re still alive. That only means that God make us want to correct things as long as we still have the chance to 🙂 We’re grateful indeed 🙂

    Visiting from CommEx Sept25.

  14. we can always try again. the important thing is you do your best.

    By the way,thanks for sharing this cookie recipe.

  15. I too agree that there is always the next time for the photo contest. I haven’t entered any photo contest as yet as I’m still working on improving my photography first.

  16. I love all the quotes you posted. Very inspiring! And I’m glad that you still feel grateful about it, that’s attitude. Keep it up sis!

  17. you’re still a winner no matter what..:)

    Visiting from ComEx Sept 25

  18. That’s really how it is. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. What matters is having the right attitude. Have a nice day.

  19. Oh goodness cookies… oozing I am drooling now..hahaha.. yumyumm..

  20. Hi Kat! I used to join contests but voting/liking contest is really the tough one. You may have the best entry but you can’t still win if you luck on supporters. I feel for you, but hey! girl cheer up ^^. at least you know the friends and people that supports you and there’s always a next time, maybe a greater opportunity. Have a great weekend 🙂

  21. Very positive way of accepting defeat 🙂 Your winning time will come for sure.

  22. aww.. that’s fine.. dont worry, there will be more contest to join.. 🙂

  23. Those cookies just made me drool…. Hmmm…I don’t know how to bake cookies but I know where to get yummy ones and some marshmallows. Will definitely try making these cookie smores. 😀

  24. Try and Try until you succeed!!!

    Those cookies are yummilicious.

  25. oh wow. yummy cookie smore!

  26. I am so trying this the moment I’m done with my medication. Haha. Better luck next time, sis. Our failures should be our stepping stone, not hindrance, to our success.

  27. your photo was delicious! you may not win but the fun/thrill of joining is still there, right?

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