Let’s Move & Let’s Love

I just celebrated my 35th birthday last week. Two friends and I had a joint celebration. It was a simple dinner with friends. The night was full of laughter as we tried to catch up with each other’s lives.  It is during birthdays that I feel a renewed sense of hope and love.


A birthday, for me, is a gift- another year and another chance to do things better.  To do things better is to do things with love. Little acts of love matter.  Sometimes we think we are insignificant specks in the universe. We are not. Think about the Higgs boson particle. Too nerdy? How about a mosquito?


Acts of love do not have to be grand gestures. In my case, I enjoy the little things like the after-dinner conversation and laughter with my aunts, a hug from a pet, sharing an entertaining video with my cousin or a simple, touching message from  a friend.  It is in the little things that people (and animals) share with me that I feel loved the most.

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Because a birthday is a new year for me, I commit to spread love through good vibes, positive attitude, warm smile and good food. The foodie in me had to say that last bit.

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Clearly, my mind wanders around food. Ha! Today is my uncle’s birthday. We had a simply lunch with family. I cooked two dishes. I may not have the money to buy him an expensive gift but I do have the time and energy to cook Fried Wontons and Crispy Shrimp Pasta.

Our tummies are filled with good food (and love).

How about you? What simple acts of love do you want to commit doing?

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  1. Happy birthday Kat! Glad you had so much fun celebrating it. Hmmm about your question, I tend to just go with it by feel…as when a moment presents the opportunity to give an act of kindness, or to be patient when you’re losing it…those kinds of things.

  2. i like that quote: a birthday is the first day of the 365 day journey around the sun…. indeed!!! and never waste a single second doing nothing! 🙂 we’re all travellers, let’s have fun!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best in life.

  4. belated happy b-day ms. kat!
    love your quotes…

  5. Belated Happy Birthday! There’s so much in our lives to love and be happy about! Go get your dreams! 🙂

  6. happy birth to you!

    It is truly rewarding if you see someone who actually made their day happy by doing simple things for them.

  7. Happy birthday Kat. I so love that quotation that say it’s another 365 days of journey. Enjoy each day sis. Live live to the fullest. Visiting from CommEx Sept18.

  8. Happy Happy Belated birthday. It looks like you had a great celebration on your birthday.

  9. Happy birthday!!!

  10. I may be a bit late but the let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY glad you enjoyed your celebration 🙂 stay healthy and be positive 🙂 GOOD VIBES lang ^^.

  11. Hope you had fun on your birthday! i so love the quotes you posted esp the “mosquito” one! ;))

  12. Belated birthday greetings!!! I loved this, “Because a birthday is a new year for me, I commit to spread love through good vibes, positive attitude, warm smile and good food.” I will so keep that in mind, and oh, love that good food bit!

    Marie here visiting from CommEx 9/25

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