Let’s spread the good vibes

The four-day weekend is coming up and I do not have definite plans. I still am not over the huge blessing that fell on my lap. I am not done daydreaming. 😀 There is so much to be thankful for so I want to spread the positive energy to everyone.


I stumbled into another contest. I am starting to become a contest magnet.  HA!

The first person that I thought should join this contest is my cousin who is a great photographer.  The guy’s got talent in photography and beyond. He turned my otherwise so-so photo into a mouthwatering one.

I sent him the link to the contest a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I learned that he actually joined the contest. Yay!  To my friends from BCBloggers  who sent me good vibes when I joined a contest last month, let’s spread the positive energy to one talented guy named Bong. (Naks, hihingi talaga ako ng pasalubong nito. haha!) Click on this link and share the entries to your wall or simply ‘like’ his set of photos.

I believe in nurturing the talents that God has given us.


He is doing just that. He reads photography books, watches online tutorials and joins workshops. And this is just his hobby! Win or lose, he is already a winner. It takes courage to put your craft out there for others to judge. This is a win-win situation. Maya Angelou says so. 😉


Again, I am sharing the link to his entry for you to visit, share or like. Please let me know if you have done so so that I can thank you properly. If you are interested in this contest, you still have one week left to send in your entries. Two photographers and one writer will be chosen. Who knows?

Source: etsy.com via kat on Pinterest

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  1. i also lurv to join contests and giveaways! 😀
    galing a, lurv how u encourage ur friend to enhance his talents and support his endeavors all the way! cheers to you!

  2. Thanks for the above inspiring messages. Good luck to Bong! Hope he brings home lots of pasaluBONGs hehe.

  3. Hoping for his win and that he can bring a pasalubong for you then from France. 🙂

  4. I’ll share this post to my friends who are photo hobbyists. I’m sure one or two would love to join the contest. 😀

  5. Contest and giveaway fanatic here 🙂 Will share this and good luck to your friend 🙂 -> miss JHENZ http://jeniferbalatico.blogspot.com/2012/08/pepper-n-mint-is-looking-for-online.html

  6. bong flores says:

    WOW! this is awesome… 🙂 how can i thank you kat-cuz for this? with this blog of you have for me makes me more than a winner. this is my first time to receive a very unique good-vibes-blog and i’m still in awe… thank you for believing in me and thank for never giving-up on me to join contests such as that one. thanks also to gerilen, ronleyba, filman, olga and jennifer… i appreciate this mich… good vibes and God bless to you all!

  7. Good luck hope he’ll bring the bacon! 🙂

  8. ohhh…this is fun. hope your cousin wins!

  9. hope your cousin wins!
    like and tweet his page…goodluck!

  10. I hope your cousin wins! Wow a trip to France?! Yes I hope he does win.~

    I like what you said here: “It takes courage to put your craft out there for others to judge.”
    I’m having a dilemma whether to put my craft for sale and wondering why I’m hesitating. I guess this is it. Mamumulot muna ako nang courage. *lol* [Ang cool how we find answers to our ‘life’ questions while blundering around the internet.]

    • I love the summery vintage-y feel of your blog. Judging how you decorated your room, I love your design aesthetics. The joy of honing your craft is your own reward. Having others appreciate your craft is a bonus. So just put your craft out there!

  11. You cousin has a talent indeed. Liked your cousin’s entry 🙂 I hope he wins 🙂

  12. I gave my support. Spreading the good vibes 🙂

  13. Great quotes! Liked and posted on FB 🙂

  14. and here’s my lucky eggs…. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! weeeee!!! hope he gets it!

  15. What I liked best is this: You are responsible for the Talents that has been entrusted to you! I am a great believer that God gives us something extra such as talent to be an instrument to help others or make others happy! Good vibes good vibes indeed! 🙂

  16. And good vibes it is…. thanks thanks thanks.
    xoxoxoxo 🙂

    Visiting from CE Aug21.

  17. Love the good vibes.. It certainly picked me up this Friday.

  18. I also love to join contests. hehehe.
    Good luck to both of them.
    (visit from BCB)

  19. I am not lucky when it comes to contest so i just give up and stop joining..hehehehe

  20. I don’t put much hope whenever I join contests kasi very rare na I win, hehe! I gues Mr. Luck is still trying to find his way to me, lol! You are such a sweet cousin 😉

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