That Mini Heart Attack

Does this ever happen to you?

In the early years of personal computing (Whoa. Did I just say that? I feel ancient),  I have already acquainted myself with the “save as” button.   I also learned to email files to myself as a backup.  With cloud storage, it also possible to have a backup somewhere in the internet.  What usually causes a mini-heart attack for me is that moment when the computer bogs down. I only own one desktop- no iPad, no laptop or other mobile internet devices. Thus, I go through five stages of grief:  denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

It is the same five stages as this. 😀

In my past life (old job), I dealt with computer problems day-in/ day-out.  I only go through mini-heart attacks when my files get affected. However, I am pretty calm when dealing with other people’s machines.  😀  I learned how open the machines and look through the innards of a CPU.  I remember one time I was fixing my swivel chair at home. I was holding a screwdriver and the parts of the chair are all over the living room floor. My aunt was skeptical and asked, “Do you know what you are doing?”  I replied, “Hey, if can open up a computer system, how hard can this be?”  I flashed my pearly whites as beads of sweat trickled at the side of my face.  It was an easy task. I know the steps.  However, I realized  that it was hard to unscrew something that is attached to a wood.

My aunt must have remembered that incident that when her TV broke down, she asked me to fix it.  Ha!  I was exposed to electronic equipment but I have never dared to tinker with them. In my previous work, it was normal for me to see RF microwave components in the switch department’s work area but I never bothered to learn more about them. Although I told my aunt to call a technician, I did my own research and looked for equipment suppliers.  I landed on the Radiall website. The company just revamped their site and it is easy to navigate. They manufacture components that are widely used in industries including aerospace, defense and telecommunications.

My aunt’s TV was already fixed by a qualified technician.  As for me, I no longer have that mini-heart attack when my computer fails me.  I learned to let go.  Sometimes, I am more productive when I am away from the computer. 😀

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  1. this all happened to me once in while! 🙂

  2. ooh, really nice, i hate the same feeling that after all your hardwork it will all be gone because of your own mistake, really nice pics.

  3. i love this!!! i also feel this way about dieting too

  4. hihi.. cute illustrations! i suddenly remembered my former colleague in your first illustration. she worked very hard on something our boss made her do. after long hours of work, she stretched her legs and boom! her toes touched the switch of her AVR and the PC shut down! hahaha! yup, she wasn’t able to save her work!

    • And I thought that happens only in sitcoms. I’m sure your friend learned a valuable lesson (albeit the hard way).

  5. I know the feeling of losing files. That save button, how can I sometimes forget…..

  6. Thank God for autosaving…but prior to that, I have been cautious and would save the document I am working on , on certain intervals.

    • sometimes autosaving can be a bane. it can overwrite revisions you want to go back to. that is why I ‘save as’. i get multiple copy of the different stages of the file. 😀

  7. i love the cartoons:) i do agree that I feel more productive when I’m away from the computer esp. in terms of doing household chores:)

  8. did my comment get through?

  9. I love your five stages of dieting 🙂

  10. I use to encounter losing files back in college…and, well, tinamaan ako sa 5 stages of dieting..hahahaha….

  11. that always happen to me *the mini heart attack
    now that youve said it i will make it a habit to save my files and email it to myself for back ups
    the photo skits are funny! hee hee

  12. Hahaha! True, so much info in the internet some would think they can be experts by just reading it in one glance. Guilty. x_X

  13. HAHAHA! I can totally relate on the 1st photo. This happens to me most of the times grabe!

    Visiting form BC Bloggers Comment Exchange August 8.

  14. When my PC at work broke than a month ago, I lost many of my recent files. Good thing I am emailed those reports so I can download them still. I have backed up my files but not the recent ones. Nakakamini heart attack talaga when I learned they can’t open my hard disk. Lol.

  15. this happens to me but not often. Good that my computer has autorecovery and can recover the latest document. Moral lesson, always save your work every now and then.

  16. Very true, kaka stress talaga pag madami ka na nagawa sa computer mo tapos biglang mag shutdown for no reasons at all. You have an interesting post and very nice illustrations. 🙂

  17. the googly gooeys looks so cute 🙂

    i myself experienced a lot of those misfortunes of forgetting to save documents. thank goodness to newer technologies, they do the auto saving for us!

  18. oh…your mini heart attacks really made me smile. i have those episodes myself.

  19. I too would have a heart attack if my PC crashes and the items which I was working on online dissapears.

  20. It still happens to me, but the Auto recover feature on Excel has saved me from redoing the work. It’s not so much the time it takes to do the work, but the effort and all the thinking and processing it required. hehe. 🙂

  21. Can I sign my name under this post?? Cause this is sooo me!
    My browser / adobe flash is crashing a lot recently…while I’m in the middle of typing a long email, blog post, web comment!~ urgh! .. I’m often cursing at adobe on my twitter XD

    LMFAO at the dieting stages :3

    yeah 🙁 internet eats up so much time! We all should really have days where we unplug from it. Go out, travel, read a book, watch a movie, marathon a tv series…

    lol sorry nobela ang comment! XD

  22. That’s why I’m so thankful to Autosave! I may lose some parts of my unsaved document but at least I wouldn’t have to redo the entire thing.

  23. Well, it is not that painful to day because most applications and OS have the recovery system. But I often experience losing my hours of work before after I accident kicked my own AVR. So I made it a habit to ALT + F + S from time to time .

  24. The 5 stages of dieting, OMG! that is so me right now. 🙁 but hey I’m over it too…. got to move one LOL

  25. I love the illustrations! 😀 I am headed to the website now, thanks to your post! ANd yes, I can relate to the first illustration. I’d curse and cry all of a sudden when I am working on something and the power goes out! aaaagh!

  26. hahaha.. very funny illustrations. I remember I was working on my report at work then suddenly someone turned off the supply of the whole building without informing everyone (well, others know about the schedule but I did not because I was so busy) my work was gone in a blink of an eye. I was so angry and even cried because of frustration, I had to redo everything. After a while I though it was my fault too because I did not hit the save button from time to time. Lessons learned! hehehe 🙂

  27. Me, the mini heart attack occurs when the power goes down and I have unsaved notes at my notepad. And oh, I can relate with the last comic strip, so many things can be done when internet is down.

  28. i can soooo relate! haha!

  29. I experienced this too when I was still new at using the computer. I have no choice but to start from scratch until I finish an article for instance but have learned to save it from time to time in the process! 😀

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