Two weeks

It was a busy two weeks and I am still catching up with my backlog.

Alumni homecoming is a big deal in this city. Three high schools had their homecoming in one day.  The thing is, I did not graduate high school in any of these schools so whenever May comes, I am always stuck at home while everyone else went to their high school reunion. My aunt celebrated her golden jubilee and I joined her this time so that I would experience it at least once in my lifetime.  (Mama was not able to reach her golden jubilee.)

The day started with a motorcade. It is was a pretty morning.

Lunch was in Banza in a private venue. Lunch was served in a boat. Cool!

The menu was composed of local delicacies like pao. Pao is a root crop similar to camote (sweet potato) and it is usually dipped in latik (caramel sauce made of coconut milk and sugar).

The venue was idyllic.

In the evening was the grand celebration.

Giselle Sanchez was the guest performer and there were no dull moments with her performance.

A week after was fiesta time.

We had guests so we prepared food.

My aunt took care of the presentation. I think she did a good job.

When the guests were all gone, my cousins and I decided to go out of town and check out the swimming pool in Cabadbaran.  The sun was already setting.

  There was a pool area with a huge slide.

This was a mini-reunion of sorts. My cousins and I seldom get together. It was also our little boy‘s first out-of-town trip. He loves the water.

By Sunday, we are too tired to do anything. We ate leftovers. This is the photo of the leftover salad I had for lunch that day which I shared on Facebook.


My cousin, who is a wonderful photographer, enhanced my photo. Now it looks like this.



I was supposed to checkout the annular solar eclipse last Monday but I went to church early in the morning because it was my mother’s 7th death anniversary.  I can’t believe it has been seven years and I still miss her dearly.

I was not able to witness the eclipse. Besides, I do not have the special viewing glasses. I took the photo of the sun at 6:30 AM using my phone’s camera.  The sun was so bright. No eclipse. (Or maybe I just did not see it. )

It was a good two weeks. Now I wish for this one.



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  1. Great pictures Kat. My mouth almost watered seeing the food on the table .

    I am also sorry about your loss though that happened seven years ago. I hope such pain will lessen knowing your mom never really left because she will aways be in your heart.

    Blessings !

  2. Beautiful photos. Your aunt did a wonderful job with the food. Everything looks fantastic. Very yummy.

  3. Yummy foods. I missed fiestas and I haven’t gone to one for like 11 years now. Thank you for sharing this, para na rin akong nakifiesta,

    Mommy Maye (

  4. wow, parang ang sarap ng mga pagkain. i wonder lang if pao ids also the taro? maganda rin ang presentation niyo sa fiesta. gusto kotuloy kumain.

  5. That pao and latik looks sooo delicious! Where else can I try that?

  6. i love the 4th photo, sarap magmuni-muni. i also want to have more Me Time and road trips.

  7. oh, that was really frenetic schedule – daming okasyon! you deserve those wishes hahaha

  8. I never went to an event like this, with food served on a boat, etc. I also like Giselle’s dress, very ocean inspired.

  9. Nice pictures.
    I have been graduated for 10 years now but I haven’t attended any alumni homecoming in our school due to very tight schedules at work.
    Our higschool batch did a yearly get-together but I only attended once. hehehe.

  10. I love the food so colorful

  11. ang daming food. the swimming pool with the slide is so nice.. 🙂

  12. cool. first time that i see food served in an actual boat. 🙂


  13. I’m hungry now after seeing pictures of those delicious looking food

  14. Great photos, nakakagutom ung mga foods na nasa picture

  15. busy yet you had two weeks of fun and you did had great food to eat. nice pics!

  16. That pao and latik looks yummy…And I was smiling at your little salad bar. I know I’ll be the first to pluck something from that heap 🙂 You weren’t kidding when you said homecomings are a big deal in your town. Definitely a grand and splendid celebration

  17. You sure have been busy! I like the photos of the lake and the bamboo bridge. I could spend all day in a place like that reading a book or just being.

  18. great photos and the salad looks so yummy!!!

  19. How do you make that salad? It doesn’t look like your usual fruit cocktail salad.

    • It is the salad from the salad bar during the fiesta. We cut up fresh fruits and veggies: lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, grapes, mango and watermelon. Plus, raisins and cheese. Dressing is store-bought: thousand island and honey mustard.

  20. I hope you had fun. Listening to Giselle is such a joy talaga. baklang bakla siya. I love her natural look. Namiss ko lalo mga food sa Pinas, especially the Latik, wow wow wow!

  21. I love the idea of making the boat as the table. And your aunt made the food setting really presentable and neat. And Ohh, the lechon. I’m drooling right now. you have no idea how I miss this food. LOL

    BTW, praying for your mom’s soul.

    • the boat as table idea was from their creative caterer. the caterer also owns the nice venue.

      thanks for the prayer.

  22. It was a busy 2 weeks indeed for you but a fun family time together as well. Families are really the source of all joys. Thanks for sharing the salad…(mouth waters now) ….:)

  23. Family time is always a great time for all of us. You had a busy 2 weeks but I’m sure it was all worth it. 🙂

  24. wow, awesome food and activity… I have a friend who is a grad of Urios too… 🙂

  25. nakaka miss umattend ng fiesta, yung mga palaro, pagkain tapos, kakatapos mo lang kumain inaalok ka na ulit kumain sa ibang bahay…hay!

  26. breathtaking sunset picture dun sa may slide. 😀 Your place looks like an area where time slows a bit. I feel like resting in a hammock after seeing your post. Thanks for this refreshing mental vacation.

  27. The photos certainly captured the many events that was happening concurrently 🙂 I think the food served on a banca was creatively planned. Nakakatuwa to incorporate these things and make lunch more festive in a way. Also, the food prepared for the fiesta were in abundance. Nakakagutom 🙂 We used to celebrate fiesta in our place but I don’t know why this has stopped for many years now. Thank you for sharing the photos that delineates enjoyment, blessings and a fun-filled life!

  28. wow! ang dameng pagkain, kakagutom. The pool looks so nice and the view is so beautiful.

  29. wow great pics! i cant wait for my next vacation leave. i envy your trip! 🙂

  30. Ouch. Super crave ako ng sweet potato and fruit salad. Gosh… 🙁

  31. Mouth watering good foods. IT seem like you had a great time with your love ones.

  32. wow! what a busy two weeks yet fulfilling Sis 🙂 I never went to high school reunion, maybe someday, beautiful pictures Sis 🙂 the foods look so delish. I love Giselle Sanchez, she is fun 🙂

  33. Great pics and it made my tummy growls… hehehe. Also it made me think about what my parents and my sister’s family did in our province. Me and my family wasn’t able to go with them due to some financial problems. Anyway great pics and great food. Loved it!

  34. grand reunion! more so with a celebrity performer. astig!

  35. great two weeks…lots of food and water!

    we usually had our HS alumni every last week of dec, come to think of it i haven’t gone to any for the last years…

  36. Life is beautiful when spent with family and loved ones. Now I’m living away from my parents and siblings, I always look forward to spending time with them.

    Bisaya ko pero wala ko kaila ug pao. Latik lang hehe

    • Hi, Kristen! Kumusta man diha. 😀 Baka endemic to my city ang pao. I’ll have to ask around the Bisaya term.

  37. All the photos are great oh, love the foods especially the lechon yum yum!

  38. Good food shared with great people is the best… 🙂

  39. Great photos there. Nagutom ako bigla while reading your post

  40. Nakakamiss ang probinsya. Ang fiesta, lace curtains (syempre yun ang napansin XD), atbp!

  41. i miss going to fiesta…

  42. Wonderful pictures! What your cousin did to your photo was truly amazing. I wish he/she were my cousin too coz I’m really awful at taking pictures. LOL!

  43. COOL POST! I like the sunset photo.. great job!

  44. You’ve a very fruitful two-week experiences, from homecoming, foods, fiesta, birthday, Sunday service, and even the very phenomenal solar eclipse which you’ve failed to witness.

  45. It must be very exciting. Seems like it.

  46. wow really nice event. how i wish i can go out and be happy too and forget all the worries of life.

  47. This is nice. Ive never been to butuan, but i love the south. We lived in Cagayan de Oro for a couple of years. The people were very warm. That’s why the south has always been a home to me.

  48. Nice venue for that reunion you attended, and the food at your fiesta table looked really good. Next year, invite mo lahat ng BC Bloggers, hehe 🙂

  49. Glad you had a great time there 🙂

  50. Sosyal yung homecoming ah. Love the photos! 🙂

  51. Reunions! Which reminds me that our HS reunion is upcoming! Need to shed a few pounds off!

  52. The lechon makes its way into this blogpost ulit oh. Pero nice two weeks, huh? Cute ng baby boy. Sarap mag-swim. 🙂

  53. every pics you’ve posted are so good… the foods are mouthwatering 🙂

  54. Sarap mag swim, Ganda ng pool! I’m sure it’s a lot of fun spending time with your relatives 🙂

  55. Great photos! Your aunt did an amazing job at her presentation. I’m sure guests enjoyed their visit. I wish I was there too! When is the next feast? 😀

  56. I love the shots! Even without description, it communicates well what happened that day.


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